“Cat adds a fresh perspective and his unique talent to each project. His aesthetic sensibilities are keenly honed as a result of his work as a fine artist. The end product always has a refined sophistication combined with an elegance of execution that sets his work apart." Dick Weisberg, Managing Director, B/R Creative Group

“As the former Advertising Sales Director at Central European Media Enterprises Group (CME), I had the good fortune of working with Cat Nastasoiu at Pro TV in Bucharest, Romania and Markiza TV in Bratislava, Slovakia. CME is a company that launched commercial television stations in Central and Eastern Europe. Cat’s expertise in all graphic design areas helped us to launch two of the most successful television stations in Central and Eastern Europe.
Cat’s work is well thought out, of the highest creative standard and he is one of the hardest workers we had at any of our television stations. He is a pleasure to work with and is a team player who works collaboratively with his peers. He is truly an internationalist and would be effective working with any nationality whether it be American, British or anyplace else in the world. ” Barry Hirsch­ Former Advertising Sales Director at CME

"Working with Cat is a joy.  Because he is a multi-faceted fine artist, he brings a certain depth and aesthetic that sets his work apart.  He has great creative energy, and that has consistently comes through in all the projects he has done with us." Nancy Mendelson VP/Creative Director Production Resources Inc

There is something in Cat's nature that is a huge pleasure to be around. Part of it I think has to do with him being one of the best listeners and observers I know. Yet he  also has an incredible focus and depth that is massively inspiring and at the same time humbling.  He mixes that all with his enormous god-given talent and he gets a My X communication and a Stray Dog Logo and all the other amazing pieces of work that stand the test of time, evidenced by their prime locations in my home! John Ketchum, Writer/Producer, StrayDog Films, former Marketing Director for major telecoms brands

Deep and wide visual culture, strong figure, multi- talented artist, and a refined intellectual...
And, above all, a great friend - and this is enveloping the rest of his skills with human touch.
Catalin is just my kind of guy - a very tasteful human structure unaltered by occasional winds or storms.
Note that great friend for me means also a good communicator.
He is always working within a framework based on creative vision, clear mission and strong message.
Working with him was a great experience defined by three fundamental principles: Bauhaus two essentials "less is more" & "forms follows function" and "under-promise, over-deliver" - and all these are making him a very reliable creative professional.
Give him a tight mission and you'll be over-satisfied.
Give him only a goal, set him free to dream, and you'll be astonished. Cristian Crisbasan, visual artist & writer, former Stylist Director for Janine Fashion Design

We are writing to thank you for the important role you played in helping CME and our local partners to launch MARKIZA TV.
Your professionalism and team spirit did so much for this project…you continually impress us with your ability to find ways around seemingly immovable obstacles to accomplish so much in so little time. It will be a pleasure to work with you again. Leonard M. Fertig CME President | Victoria A.L. Rogers CME Markiza TV Launch Director

We would like to thank you for the accomplishment of our project.
You have found the perfect solution to match the shape and idea of our vessels (PricewaterhouseCoopers Brand) with the Cucuteni style…and give birth to an exquisite object of art.
We are fully persuaded that there will be many more opportunities for us to work on common projects and to benefit from the outstanding contribution of your talent. Monica Nistorescu, Marketing and Communications, Director PricewaterhouseCoopers

Cat's understanding of the history of art and design is superb. Because of that knowledge, we were able to attain a high level of flexibility and communication in our partnership. Cat is fascinated by both ideas and aesthetics in ways that get him deeply involved in the work he creates. The result of that passionate involvement was a design that worked on all levels: concept, execution, and spirit. In sum, I was very happy with not only the final product, but also with the process required to forge it. Ari Abramowitz, Music Guru, Pockit-Rockit Music Finder

Cat has exceptional creative ability, is easy to work with and took the time to understand my business, my target market and my aesthetic preferences.
I conducted a lengthy selection process before choosing him to design our logo and corporate brochure. Cat's brochure and logo ideas were excellent, and his marketing experience, fair pricing and serious approach to helping his clients achieve their objectives created quite a positive impression. Andrew R.O. Massimilian, founder Manhattan Shooting Excursions LLC

Cat's work cannot be described as one particular style -- because everything he creates seems new and innovative.
Working with Cat at various European TV stations was a great experience. Ed Halebian, Producer, Meticulous Productions, Inc