“Marsha's creativity and professionalism is always first on the list. She brings to the plate years of experience and a knowledge of marketing, advertising and producing. Her work always improves my initial ideas and pulls together an incredible piece of work.” Pam Bloch, Celebration Cards, Owner, Los Angeles

“Marsha is a smart and talented marketing and communications executive, who excels at everything she sets out to do. I have known and admired her for many years, beginning with her work for PRO TV and most recently at Catapult. She is a very effective leader, building and motivating winning teams - especially at PRO TV. She is also very creative. Most recently she developed several successful fundraising campaigns for clients at Catapult. I thoroughly enjoy working with her, and always appreciate her humor, intelligence, and exceptional work ethic.”
Hope Van Winkle, Director Online and Retail Stores, Scholastic Inc was with another company when working with Marsha at Catapult Creative Partners

“Marsha is a very creative person who comes up with creative solutions and strategies that build brands and sales. I had enough confidence in her work and cultural sensitivity to recommend her to her first overseas assignment in Romania that led due to her excellence to further assignments at CME.” Victoria A. L. Rogers, Managing Director, CME BV managed Marsha indirectly at Central European Media Enterprises

“I had the honor of following in Marsha's footsteps after joining CME. She had already established an incredible reputation amongst her team in Romania for the launch of PRO-TV and set a very high standard for us to achieve when launching POP-TV in Slovenia. The bar had been set very high by the team that Marsha led and created. She was not only supportive with her talent but incredibly generous with her time and assistance. Marsha is an incredible professional whose talent is unparalleled and whom I am proud to consider a friend. I highly recommend her work and her utmost professionalism and hope to have the honor to work with her again soon.” Patricia Torres Burd, Promotions / Branding, POPTV - Central European Media -CME worked with Marsha at Central Europ­ean Media Enterprises